Centrework Owner Lindsey Laidlaw BA Dance Yamuna® Body Rolling Practitioner Yamuna® Foot Fitness Practitioner Senior Teacher Pilates PhysicalMind Canada Reiki Practitioner, 2nd Degree

As an active individual and former dancer, I have had direct experience living with injuries and pain. My ongoing search for the best method, program, or therapy that would give me the relief I needed, led me to the most groundbreaking and effective healing method available.  This entire process has been an education, and life changing experience. I look at health and healing entirely differently now. I have a much deeper understanding of, and appreciation for our innate ability to heal fully and completely.  

Education, Certifications, and Training

BA (Dance) Simon Fraser University B.C.

Studied Exercise Physiology, University of New Brunswick

Pilates PhysicalMind Canada Senior Teacher Trainer

PhysicalMind Institute The Method® Pilates Comprehensive Certification with concurrent certification through Body Harmonics® Pilates, Toronto ON

Reiki Master, Usui Tradition

The Zone Technique Certified Practitioner

The VOILA Method – Structural Joint Balancing

Neurokinetic Therapy®

Yamuna® Body Rolling, Yamuna® Foot Fitness,Yamuna® Table Treatment 


Active Isolated Stretching – AIS level 1


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