Pilates Teacher Training

Course content:

    • basic essential anatomy 
    • PMI Pilates Fundamentals
    • Classical Pilates Matwork (beginner to advanced) 
    • an understanding of current scientific exercise protocols within the Pilates context
    • how to customize Pilates to appropriately meet the needs of all levels and abilities 
    • the Pilates scope of practice 
    • safety protocols and contraindications for specific health conditions.
    • how to facilitate the mind-body connection and why this matters
  • strategies for good cueing, class planning and pacing, the art of correction, managing group dynamics 

*Please note, Pilates Mat, Standing Pilates Mat, and the Practical Teaching Workshop must all be completed in order to receive your Pilates Mat Certification.

All registration takes place through Pilates Physicalmind Institute in Vancouver. For course fees and registration information please contact Physicalmind Institute Canada directly at: 604-646-0199   info@martahernandezstudio.com

If you would like to receive more information on course content, I invite you to contact me at: cntr.work@gmail.com

What Pilates PhysicalMind Canada Stands For

Our Pilates teacher training courses respect and uphold the traditional teachings of Joseph H Pilates while incorporating current exercise science protocols and standards. At Pilates PhyscialMind Canada, we recognise teaching optimal and beneficial movement is art and science in equal measure. 

Pilates PhysicalMind Canada provides a high standard of Pilates training and unique continuing education opportunities to its members. Our mandate is to ensure our teachers gain competency and confidence in their personal practice, and in their ability to customize Pilates to appropriately meet the needs of all levels of ability, with a full understanding of their scope of practice and safety protocols in relation to specific health conditions.

What We Offer 

Our program is for those prospective teachers who are looking for a comprehensive and flexible program, wish to achieve a high level of proficiency in The Method® Pilates, and are creative and innovative thinkers. Course attendees can expect to acquire a good foundation in essential anatomy, an understanding of scientific exercise protocols and applications, and an introduction to the mind-body connection and how it pertains to Pilates and general movement.

 At PMI Canada, one size does not fit all. We acknowledge and honour every individual’s unique movement experience, history, and challenges while providing appropriate and effective education, support, and opportunity.

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