Pilates Certification Courses PMI Canada

Pilates Mat  

Course content includes: introductory anatomy as it applies to movement, self practice, and basic teaching skills, Pilates Mat Fundamentals, and beginner and intermediate Classic Matwork. We want to ensure you have a solid foundation and ability to perform Pilates, and an understanding of safe teaching practices. Upon completion of this course you will have a good understanding of, and proficiency in, all the above material. This is a very practical course that can be applied to any fitness regime and is a great add on to personal training and group fitness certifications.  

Standing Pilates® Mat  

Standing Pilates Mat builds on the principles covered in Pilates Mat, and provides an important link between the mat work, and functional movement. In this course we explore and practice the full traditional Pilates repertoire in more depth, and teach you the PMI vertical standing exercises. By the end of the course you will have better proficiency in all levels of the matwork, and will understand why and how the Pilates principles are relevant to everyday movement. Standing Pilates® Mat also emphasizes the mind body aspect of Pilates in relation to moving with awareness, control, and appropriate effort. This is where everything starts to come together as you expand your knowlege of movement theory in the Pilates context, and develop effective cueing techniques for a group setting.

Practical Teaching Workshop 

A 12-hour experiential workshop designed to help students sharpen their skills and increase their confidence. This workshop places a strong emphasis on hands-on cueing techniques. Attendees will learn how to teach to a broad spectrum of participants, how to give corrections safely and effectively, and receive important tips for creating smooth transitions between the exercises. We provide the information, feedback, and support to ensure you become a well informed and polished teacher.

Successful completion of Pilates Mat, Standing Pilates® Mat and the Practical Teaching workshop is required in order to become a certified Pilates PhysicalMind Canada mat instructor.

Admission Requirements:
Previous Pilates experience: We recommend a minimum of 10 Mat Pilates classes prior to the training, however other experience may be acceptable (yoga, massage therapy and other types of bodywork, etc.). We also expect a sincere interest in Pilates, positive attitude, commitment, and willingness to learn.

Required reading:


Recommended text:


Pilates Mat has been approved for CECs by CMTBC and CMTO.

For more information on Pilates Mat Certification and to register for the courses, please visit: http://www.themethodpilates.ca/pilates-teacher-training/mat-pilates-certification/


How Pilates PhysicalMind Canada Began

Pilates PhysicalMind Canada came into existence in part due to respected Pilates elder Eve Gentry, and master teacher Michele Larsson who identified a need for an accredited professional teacher training program that would uphold and preserve the unique methods of Joseph Pilates.

Pilates PhysicalMind Canada is an affiliate of The PhysicalMind Institute N.Y. (est. 1991), the first and original organization to train and certify Pilates teachers. The PhysicalMind Institute became internationally recognised for it’s approach and has trained and certified thousands of Pilates instructors worldwide. While the structure and objectives of this parent organization have undergone changes in recent years, Pilates PhysicalMind Canada has maintained the original mandate to deliver informed and evolved training for Pilates and fitness professionals while respecting the traditional teachings of Joseph H. Pilates

Physicalmind Pilates Institute of Canada is most closely aligned with Pilates Elder Eve Gentry. For more than fifty years Eve Gentry was an elite level dancer, dance teacher and choreographer for stage, film and television. She played a key role in bringing the system of describing and notating human movement called Labanotation  to the USA and most notably made significant contributions to Pilates.

Originally, Eve sought out Joseph Pilates because she was suffering from knee and back problems.  Working directly with him from 1942 until 1968, Eve became a star Pilates pupil and master teacher in her own right. It is believed apart from Joseph’s wife Clara, she was Joseph’s longest serving student and colleague.

After Joseph’s death, Eve moved to Sante Fe New Mexico to establish a Dance and Pilates Studio. She is credited with developing the PhysicalMind Pilates fundamental work that is taught and practiced all over the world today.

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